Triple Cities Street Rods
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Member's Cars
President: Peter Minni      607-727-1314
VP: Kay Hollister
Treasurer: Nancy Soden
Secretary: Linda Jackson 607-748-6756

Meetings held second Wednesday of every month at the Blue Dolphin at 7 pm
Current Officers
Carole Phillips
Bob Darrow
Bob Lord
Butch Ayers
Chip Romeo
Curt Stradley
Dave Passante
Doug Soden
Gary Jackson
Harvey Romeo
Larry DeSantis
Robert Geiger
Roger Studer
Warren Cosner Sr
Willy Vermilya
Willie Rudolph
Rainy Geiger
Roxi Ayers
Nancy Soden
Dave Robertson-53 Ford
Harvey Romeo's 34 Chevy
Larry Seip and cars
Peter Minni 47 Ford
Tad Soden 33 Plymouth
Dave Robertson
Norm Catlin
Manny Feijoo
Jack Murphy
Doug Sternadori 37 Chevy